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Monkey Cab – The Active Guitar FRFR Amp

Mechatronik Monkey proudly presents its first own fully proprietary development.

An active guitar cab dedicated for amp modelers for most enthusiastic audiophile guitarists.

What is FRFR and why do I need it?

FRFR is the abbreviation for Full Range Flat Response.

This simply means, that the signal gets amplified linear (flat response) over the full range of the spectrum. So low frequencies getting amplified as loud als high frequencies. The result is, that the amp itself does not imprint any characteristic to the tone/sound.

A normal Guitar Amp is pretty much the opposite. The manufactures hunt for their own characteristics and sounds. This is why for instance a Marshall Combo Amp sounds much different from an Fender Combo.

But when using amp modelers, this is not what you are looking for. The amp modeler itself does everything to simulate the complete stack with tube amp, cab simulation, pedals etc. to sound like the original one.

To get all out of your amp modeler, you need to get sure that power stage and speaker is as linear as possible to not change the simulation characteristics of the sound (because your modeler did everything to make it sound like it is supposed to be).

So if you use a Fender profile for instance, your power stage must not add any flavor to the tone but amplifies the result as linear as possible. This is exactly what the Monkey Cab does.


What are the features?

The Monkey Cab is dedicated to guitar amp modelers. It is perfectly tuned to the frequencies of a guitar.

Also it brings a lot of handy features and of course is available in many different colors to match your living room or rehearsal room.

A few of the features are:

  • Fully symmetrical XLR/TRS Combo input.
  • State of the art input buffers for extreme noise free signal capture.
  • High Power Class-D Amp for maximum efficiency.
  • PurePath™ UltraHD Technology (advanced integrated feedback design for minimal distortion).
  • Retro Look to fit your living room.
  • Bluetooth Module – Play along with your drum loops or backing tracks stored on your phone.
  • Customizable hardware options and colors.